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Post Development Program

The Only Way to Reward GOOD Work, is More GOOD Work...Right?

We hope that customers have a pleasant experience shopping on the site right now despite our planned investment. Our immediate work will provide greater functionality and enable customers to complete their purchases faster or have an even better experience browsing. This work includes but is not limited to adding:

  • Mobile compatibility
  • Filter and Search
  • Supplier portal - the management of supplier relationships (internal use)
  • Orders and communication portals - the management and processing of incoming orders and customer communication (internal use)
  • More departments, product detailsand More help pages
  • Stock alerts (prior to checkout)
  • Other payment methods
  • Other currencies
  • More delivery options
  • Speedier order and refund and processing
  • Page caching
  • Customer product preferences and account personalisation
Planned Upgrade 2024

Yep, We're Gonna Do It All Again!

In late 2024, the system will be upgraded to improve speed and efficiency of the backend programs serving customers fasters pages and improving both the checkout and account components.


Data is KING!

We plan to build onto the system/store a CRM that will improve customer service delivery and marketing. This helps us to help you make product choices that you are happy with in addition to making sure, you don't miss a chance to buy any of the great products that we have in store.
Our bespoke store provides us with limitless opportunities to capture customer data in one place thereby dealing with your orders, account enquiries quickly and efficiently.


On a Low Though!

We have an app planned for all you fashionistas and instagram happy snappers. It's all hush right now though!

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